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Range Slider control for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms

This one will be short. Some time ago I published new Slider component (yes, one more boring slider component). But not just a slider but a double-thumb slider (also known as range slider). Control is available for Xamarin iOS, Android, UWP and Xamarin.Forms. More details on GitHub. NuGet packages are available here and here.

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Tesseract OCR for Xamarin (part 1)

If you’re thinking about getting image recognition into a Xamarin app check out this open source Tesseract OCR port I’ve put together for Xamarin. Few weeks ago this question was asked on StackOverflow and I was surprised to find that there is no free OCR for Xamarin (neither for iOS nor for Android). What developer does when he founds that there is nice and open-source library for other platforms but not for the platform he is working with? Of course he migrates the library. So I created wrappers for Tesseract OCR for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android and also for Xamarin.Forms. In this post I will give some details about the library, will show how to use it and will tell about some issues and workarounds. Continue reading